Cooking with Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is an annual herb that is commonly used as a condiment. This healthy cooking oil, which is derived from sesame seeds, is widely used in Asian cuisines. People who are suffering from heart disease can benefit from sesame oil. It contains sesamol, an antioxidant that helps remove free radicals from our body, controls diabetes, and prevents hypertension. It also contains essential fatty acid and linoleic acid that unblocks the arteries. In this article, you will learn cooking tips using sesame oil.

There are two types of sesame oil: toasted (aka dark, or Asian) sesame oil, and light sesame oil. Oil made from toasted seeds ranges from golden to brown in color and has a pronounced nutty flavor. It’s primarily used for seasoning, not cooking (it gives a great boost to any Asian stir-fry, noodle dish, or soup), and a little can go a long way. The lighter version (light refers to the color, not calorie or fat content) is made with untoasted seeds and sold in health-food or Middle Eastern stores. You can tell if a sesame oil is toasted by its dark color.

Keep in mind that the lighter sesame oil is more suitable for deep-frying because of its high smoke point. On the other hand, the dark sesame oil is recommended for stir-frying and seasoning because of its lower smoke point. You can also make your stewed recipe taste richer by adding sesame oil to it.

Another use of sesame oil in cooking is for making flavorful marinades.

Marinating ingredients with sesame oil improves the rich and delicious flavor of the original taste. Just sprinkling sesame oil on top of tofu makes chilled tofu more flavorsome. You can make “Japanese capriccio” due to sprinkling sesame oil and soy sauce on top of Sashimi. Sesame dressing is very good with vitamin C-rich broccoli. Taking sesame seeds with vitamin C will promote the synthesis of the collagen necessary for producing beautiful skin. This combination is not only tasty but also good for your looks.

Watch the video below to learn more health benefits of sesame oil.