Do You Love to Play Chess? Here are Tips on How to Win a Match

If you think that you have to master chess to win a match, you are wrong. You can master tactics and strategies that will help you succeed in a chess game. You have to think to make sure that every move will prevent your King from being captured.

Understand the value of each piece and protect them accordingly. Obviously, your King is the most important piece on the board, since you lose if it’s taken. However, the rest of your pieces are not easily dispensed cannon fodder. Based on the math and geometry of a chess board, certain pieces are always more valuable than others. Remember these rankings when taking pieces. You do not, for example, want to put a high-value Rook at risk just to take an opponent’s Knight.

Pawn = 1, Knight = 3, Bishop = 3, Rook = 5, Queen = 9

Chess pieces are sometimes referred to as “material.” You want a lot of high-quality material to win each game.

When making your opening moves, make sure that you move your pawns toward the center of the board to open up space for your stronger pieces. Avoid moving the same piece twice. However, if it is in trouble, you can move it twice in succession. Keep in mind that the pieces must work together to be effective, so you have to make a plan to attack your opponent’s king.

Another technique to winning a chess match is to observe how your opponent moves.

Every time your opponent makes a move, you should stop and think: Why was that move chosen? Is a piece in danger? Are there any other threats I should watch out for? What sort of plan does my opponent have in mind? Only by defending against your opponent’s threats will you be able to successfully carry out your own strategies. Once you figure out what your opponent is attempting to do, you can play to nip those plans in the bud.

For basic tips on opening moves, watch the video below.