Great Motivation Tips for a Preschooler Who is Lazy to Write

If your child is reluctant to write, you have to know the reasons of this problem. Since every child has a different personality, you have to try various motivation writing tips for you to find out which are effective for encouraging your kid to love writing.

The first step is to create a writer’s toolbox to expose your child to different writing materials, including pencils, colored pencils, chalk, oil pastels, crayons, and markers. Always keep in mind that in order for you to succeed in motivating your child to write, you have to make this activity fun. If it is their first time to write, let them write a word that is relevant to them, like their name.

Let her help write the grocery list. Give her the pen to add a note at the end of the letter you’re writing. Let her write the note for the mail carrier or neighbor. An older child can plan the menu or write out the packing list for vacation. All children can write thank-you notes – even if it’s just a picture and their name. When children first begin writing, their stories are mainly pictures. Let them write the story they want to tell and then write or dictate words to you. As they get older they’ll still love to illustrate their stories or add embellishments with stamps and stickers. Older children might enjoy drawing comics to tell their stories.

You can also bring your kids to the supermarket or grocery store and let her make a list of “to-buy” things. This is an easy form of writing activity, where preschoolers can be involved in.

One of the most effective motivation techniques for preschoolers to love writing is to create a story with them. You can both contribute to create stories. In the future, your children will be writing a story on their own.

Most parents read stories to their kids. But how many parents write them? It’s not hard. Invite your child to write with you. Grab some paper and something to write with. And then make up a little story, writing it down, page by page as you go. Keep the stories simple. Make a sketch to illustrate each page or have your child do the illustration. Try to make stories that look like the ones you read with your child in easy books.

Learn some pre-writing activities for preschoolers in the video below.