How to be Confident in Public Speaking

Does speaking in public make you shy or nervous? Giving a speech is one of the greatest fears of many people. Showing your confidence in public speaking is not only through body movements, but also by how you speak.

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Most public speakers stress and struggle about trying to “seem confident” and “look fearless”, irrespective of how they’re feeling inside. They often fall into the trap of pushing nerves away to show the audience a plastic sheen of confident public speaking. But so long as you’re pushing away your fears and nerves, you’re acting, rather than connecting with your audience.

You can be a fearless speaker by learning some tips on how to be confident in public speaking.

When you feel nervous in speaking in front of many people, it is normal. Instead of worrying, turn that into energy to help improve your speech. Before your speech, you have to be prepared to be confident. Familiarize what you have to say but do not memorize it word for word. Also, make sure that your gestures show that you are confident. Keep your chest out and look confident.

Get ready. You have the instant ability to do just that. All you have to do is make your body look confident. When William James said, “Act as if you are beautiful, confident, and poised, and you will be,” he was more right than he might have realized. The way you hold your body can actually change the level of power and confidence you feel.

Before you start your speech, take slow deep breaths through your nose. Then, breathe out. Focus on the audience instead of yourself. While talking, make sure that you connect with your audience.

Watch the video below for more information on how to be confident.