Parenting Tips: Help Your Child Overcome Fear of the Dark

Fear is normal in kids at around 2-3 years old when they can imagine things like shadows or monsters. They are often scared at night. Children need their parents’ help them overcome their fear of the dark. There are things that you must keep in mind not to aggravate their fear. Are you having a difficult time dealing with your child’s fear? You will learn parenting tips in this article.

First, cut off the fuel. No joke threats about bogey men, and especially no scary TV or books in the evenings. Calm, relaxing activities before bed and a reassuring bed-time routine help a lot. If your child does suffer from fear of the dark, tell them what the real problem is. Don’t mock their imagination, but don’t play up to it either by pretending to chase away monsters. Let them see your calmness with darkness as well – in fact, planning a trip outside to see some stars or play with torches can be a wonderful way to let them know that darkness isn’t just okay, it can even be fun.

Never ridicule your child’s fears and never scare them if they don’t obey you. Reassure him that you are there to keep him or her safe. Experts also recommend that you limit what your child is watching on TV. Make sure that the shows they watch are appropriate for their age.

Another parenting tip to help reduce our child’s fear of the dark is to help him or her master his fears.

Over time, help him actively master his fears by reading or making up stories about little boys and their monsters. Or you could join him in imaginative play and act out monster stories; for example, he could pretend to be the monster and you could be the child who tells the monster to either start being nice or go somewhere else. Or your son could be the parent reassuring his stuffed animal or doll that he will keep them safe.

For more parenting tips on how to help your kid overcome fear of the dark, watch the video below: