Important Things You Must Know about Scuba Diving

Most beginners in scuba diving may be facing fear. There are many questions that may linger in your mind before starting this adventurous hobby. You must know enough information about it, including the requirements before you can dive in, safety gear, and of course, tips on how to stay safe in the water.

One of the common mistakes in scuba diving that beginners must avoid is holding their breath. This is a no-no because it has negative effect to the respiratory system.

This is very important to be aware of, because humans don’t have gills like fish, so we have a natural tendency to want to hold our breath underwater. Holding your breath underwater can lead to lung injuries and panicked breathing, which then might throw your rhythm off and send you (by instinct) shooting to the surface. Rising too quickly can send nitrogen bubbles into your blood stream and cause all kinds of painful aneurysms, and even death. Instead, breathe in a slow, relaxed manner and exhale fully. Try not to change your breathing too much, unless you are used to regulating your breathing to control your buoyancy in the water.

Experts also advice that you descend in water slowly so you can have time to balance or equalize the pressure on your sinuses. You can do this by pinching your nose and do a semi-hard blow through your nose. Same thing with ascending. You also have to do it slowly to prevent lung injury and even death.

Always check your gear before you dive in. This is a very important scuba diving tip that every diver must keep in mind.

Underwater, your survival depends upon your equipment. Don’t be lazy when it comes to checking your gear before a dive. Conduct your buddy-check thoroughly —if your or your buddy’s equipment malfunctions it could cause a life-threatening situation for you both. Make sure that you know how to use your gear. The majority of equipment-related accidents occur not because the equipment breaks but because of diver uncertainty as to how it works.

Lastly, get an insurance that includes coverage for scuba diving activities!

Learn about scuba diving lesson by watching the video below.