Is it Okay to Take Cold Drinks During Pregnancy?

Many people believe that drinking cold beverages have negative effects on the baby inside the womb. According to this common myth, taking cold drinks during pregnancy increases the risk of baby to pneumonia and asthma.

It is also a belief that it can reduce the resistance of the mother to diseases. It is also said to cause more movements by the baby. It is recommended for mothers who report of less fetal movements. Cold drinks make the baby move according to some gynecologists.

Asian cultures think of the womb as an incubator for your baby, and associate nourishment with warmth. This could be why the idea of cold food or drink during the first trimester could be seen as an undesirable “shock” to the womb during the most delicate phase of the baby’s development. In addition, according Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), consuming cold drinks is just bad for you in general, pregnant or not. TCM believes that cold drinks slow down the digestive system, causing bloating, fatigue and sore joints.

For some people and experts, drinking cold beverages during pregnancy is okay as long as you take them in moderation. Others say that it can affect the digestion process, causing stomach discomforts and gas pains.

Pregnant women’s stomach and bowel are sensitive to cold drinks. Consequently, drinking a lot of cold water will make stomach and bowel’s blood vessels of pregnant women shrink suddenly, gastric juice discharge less, digest worse and lead to many symptoms about stomach and bowel such as: not wanting to eat, bad digestion, evacuation. In addition, stomach’s spasm will cause stomachache and pregnant women ill will have violent bellyache.

For more pregnancy tips on what to drink and not to drink during pregnancy, watch the video below.