Massage for Athletes: Know the Benefits

Athletes need to perform certain exercises for them be versatile and flexible, helping them to achieve success in their games and improve their health. Massage can benefit the athletes in many ways. It improves the function of the cardiovascular system and enhances blood circulation.

Massage therapy increases relaxation levels. Many athletes have a type A personality and have a hard time relaxing. When an athlete can’t relax and has no real down time, stress can begin to take a toll on his health. By getting massages, he can learn to relax his body and his mind and improve his day to day life. Athletic massage is a growing business. More and more massage therapists are choosing to enter the field of athletic massage. Since many athletes are now beginning to notice the many benefits of massage therapy, more and more athletic massage therapists are becoming available.

When done regularly (at least once a week), a deep tissue massage can improve the flexibility and sleep of athletes. Inadequate sleep can cause poor performance. It can also improve muscle conditions and provide relaxation. It can also prevent injuries and release inflammation of the muscle cells.

Another benefit of sports massage is its ability to heal injuries and strains.

 In 2010, the NIH released a study that found massage therapy in an acute care setting reduced pain, and the amount of pain medication needed. As a result, patients were able to sleep easier, had less anxiety and better morale. Anxiety and stress are often related to pain. When you rehabilitate using sports massage, you not only help reduce pain, you reduce anxiety, stress and other negative factors, which in turn help promote the healing process.

Watch a video of a sports massage demo for tuning up muscles of athletes.