Reasons to Spend Your Honeymoon in Bali Indonesia

Relaxing and enjoying with your spouse after the tiring process of preparing for your wedding ceremony is a necessity. In order to make the most of your honeymoon, it is best to choose a destination that is home to romantic settings. One of these is Bali, a tropical paradise in Indonesia.

The quintessential big romantic gesture lies in the romantic dinner – wine and dine. Bali, blessed with its jaw-dropping views and amazing natural landscapes offers a wide variety of just such romantic dinners for every couple – whether you are proposing, celebrating an anniversary or simply on a romantic vacation. Snuggle in for an aphrodisiac picnic dinner in bed at the ultra-stylish museum-hotel Hotel Tugu Bali for sunset. You get to soak in the soft candlelight peppering the beach and serve each other dessert blindfolded for that added spice to end your meal.

You can find exotic beaches where you can both indulge in water activities like cruising, kayaking, or enjoying the sunset together. One of the secluded beaches that you must include in your honeymoon destinations list is Uluwatu, a place with a luxurious hotel and romantic setting. Pasir Putih beach is also a must-visit white beach in Bali.

One of Bali’s last little secrets, Pasir Putih beach will give you and your partner some much required respite with its tourist free, pristine white beaches. Go rustic and rent a fishing boat from Candidasa to reach this crescent shaped paradise and enjoy simple flavours of the local cuisine. Bali has an adventure to please and pamper every type of romantic soul, making it the perfect honeymooners’ destination. It is a fantastic place to begin your nuptial journey as it gives you and your loved one a million ways to express and experience the different flavours of love.

Check out the video below to know the best hotels in Bali for honeymooners.