Stellar Home Decorating Ideas with Empty Tin Cans

Do you have many empty soda and tin cans at home? You can recycle them to create items for decorating your home. Recycling will not only help save the Earth; it is also a great way to add uniqueness to your living space without having to spend much. All you need is use your creativity and imagination. In this article you will learn decorating ideas using empty cans.

DIY Tin Can Vases

Materials: Your choice of fabric, Tin can (I used an empty olive can), Mod Podge, Scissors, Paint brush

  1. Cut the fabric to fit around the can. You can do this the way I did it by just eyeballing it, or you can go crazy with the math and figure out the lateral area of the cylinder.

  2. Apply the Mod Podge to the can and smooth the fabric over. I applied it with a paint brush.

Another crafty idea for making tin can flower vases is by using buttons as embellishments. You can use buttons of the same hues or combine various colors. Glue them on the can according to your desired design. You can out the buttons on top of each other. You may draw designs on spaces not covered by the buttons. Drill some holes and add a handle made of wire and flowers.The finished product can be displayed in your dining or living room.

Another stellar decorating idea is to make a luminary out of an empty tin can. See the instructions below.

Play with shadows and light by making a homemade luminary. Or, make more than one for year-round soirees.┬áHere’s how:┬áMark the exterior of a can with a marker, then puncture holes along the traced shape using a drill and a 1/8-inch drill bit. Once the entire shape has been drilled with holes, place a votive candle on a flat, level surface, and cover it with the can placed upside down.

For more decorating designs and ideas using recycled tin cans, watch the video below.