Wonderful Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

More and more travelers are starting to discover that Asian countries have lots to offer in terms of unique destinations. When you are planning for a honeymoon, try to browse the web about ideal locations in Asia where you and your partner can enjoy privacy and intimate moments together. Honeymoon in Asia may involve visit to historic places and knowing friendly locals.

Maldives is your very own Caribbean honeymoon destination in Asia which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The sea water is crystal clear for you to indulge in some private swimming with your love. This Asian destination is the perfect choice if you are looking to escape from the world with your partner. Things to do: Hukuru Miskiiy, an ancient mosque Male’ is a perfect place to experience the culture of Maldives. Laze away your romantic days on a hammock with your love and dive into the clear waters for some underwater adventures.

Thailand is a honeymoon destination where you can find stunning bodies of water and beautiful landscapes. Bangkok is a city where you can do many things day and night. The food, drinks, and accommodation are affordable. You can dine in a fancy restaurant or go for cruise. If you love the beach, visit Phuket. In its crystal beaches and tempting islands, you will find serenity with your partner.

Another perfect honeymoon destination in Asia is Bali in Indonesia.

Bali, one of the favorite tourist destinations of Indonesia, has all that any couple would want on their honeymoon. This romantic getaway is also known to be the best honeymoon island. It has vibrant beaches, thick green jungles and a rich culture. Couples could head out for one of the picturesque beaches of South Bali, such as Legian or Sanur. There cannot be a better start to your married life than immersing yourself in the natural romance of this island.

Discover other romantic destinations in Asia in the video below.